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With over 7 years experience in the film industry, we have used our expertise to take a step further and create the ultimate casting experience. The Cast List is a project made with passion for the entire industry.

Based on long-term collaboration with local and international production companies, brands, and film networks, understanding their needs, we built the solution that eliminates pain points and streamlines the casting process.

Our casting platform is also a community through which artists and talents can learn and benefit from our platform in terms of education and personal development so they can better promote their abilities worldwide and maximise their chances of accessing jobs.

Our history starts in 2005 as OnVogue Management, a BTL agency, providing hostesses, promoters, models and talents for the advertising industry, campaigns, fairs, exhibitions, and events.

In 2013 we started to focus more on actors, artists and talents, providing casting services and becoming one of the leading casting & talent management agencies in Romania. Since then, we have focused on raising the casting process in Romania and Eastern Europe to international professional standards and promoting local talent worldwide.

For added value, and because we wanted to deliver better and better casting, we have started to develop a system that has helped us to streamline the entire casting process, making it fast, easy, efficient and simple for us, as well as for our clients and talents. This unique casting system has been the main competitive advantage that has helped us to grow and attract more and more clients.

We have proven experience in organizing the casting process for long and short movies, commercials, music videos and television. Our portfolio includes casting for such names as Universal Studios, HBO, Netflix, for over 500 productions for major film studios and production companies.

In 2019 we opened our integrated online casting system to the entire industry, both to the clients and to the talents, and we launched it as The Cast List platform @ TIFF 2019.

This is how The Cast List was born!

Now the platform is up and running, changing the entire casting ecosystem into a more simplified and intuitive one.

The Cast List is an all-in-one casting platform, working as a meeting point for actors and directors or producers, bringing together professionals from all corners of the industry.

From script to screen, The Cast List streamlines the casting process. Professionals can find talent with minimal effort, 100% remotely, safely, and in record time. Talents can create a full profile to increase their visibility on the international stage.

Let’s talk! If you have a project in the pipeline, contact us using the form below and we will make it happen. Or create your account and get access to the talents database. Enjoy the 100% remote and easy casting experience, done in record time by the “Click & Cast” system. Make your casting experience quick, easy and successful.

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