About us

We started 5 years ago as a casting & talent management agency in Romania, working our way to the top of the industry.

As things changed and we evolved professionally, we wanted more, we wanted to to deliver the casting process at international professional standards and promote local talent worldwide.

Also, we believe communication is the key to success, so we wanted to create a community through which artists could learn and benefit from our platform in terms of education and personal development.

This is how The Cast List appeared:

The new & revolutionary casting platform for Romania and Eastern Europe that is changing the entire casting ecosystem into a more simplified and intuitive one.

The Cast List is an all-in-one casting platform, working as a meeting point for actors and directors or producers, bringing together professionals from all corners of the industry, around Romania and Eastern Europe.

From script to screen, The Cast List streamlines the casting process.

Let’s talk! If you have a project in the pipeline, contact us and we will make it happen.

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