CEO & Founder

Hello, my name is Andreea Nicolescu, never had I imagined that after five years of cybernetic studies I would be running a casting agency. Was it hard? No, it was impossible at times but nevertheless, I’ve never stopped dreaming. I’ve always been driven by the words, „Never give up” , „Do more than you think you can” and I did, after almost a decade of hard work, I find myself blending a unique mix of personalities or how I like to call them, my super gold team. Proud of them!


Casting Department Manager

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Hi, I’m Claudia Dediu, I’m the casting department manager, I’m here to ensure the casting process runs like a Swiss clock and I just let the artists do their thing.


Casting Director

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Hi there, my name is Dan Ursu, I’m one of the casting directors at On Vogue Casting Agency. As I have an actor’s background, I try to apply myself in everything I do, including casting. I take pride in the passion that I work with and I consider the casting process one of the fastest evolving departments in the film industry.


Casting Director

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Hi there! My name is Andreea Sima and I work as a Casting Director. I believe working with artists is a craft and I find my job challenging and creative. I’m always searching for that one actor that can own a part and I’m lovin’ it.