How to create your online profile that will bring you more jobs & access to the best casting calls?

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As an international talent, if you want to be visible to producers and directors interested in shooting in Romania or Eastern Europe, The Cast List platform is the perfect place to be!

Register here with an online profile (zero taxes or fees applied) and it will be automatically visible to the many producers and directors interested in tapping into the region's wonderful locations.

Your profile is the key to accessing more jobs and the best casting calls! HOW? Here is some important insider info about out what casting directors, film directors and producers want to see on your profile:

A complete & accurate profile!

Make sure your profile completion is as close as possible to 100%! This will increase your chances.

As an international talent, it is essential to pay attention and correctly complete the following:

  • The current "Place of residence" so the producers and directors know where you are located.
  • “Ethnicity” & “Nationality” are other important details, make sure you have completed them.
  • "Spoken languages" : One of the main reasons for a producer or director to choose an international talent, aside from acting skills and look, is because of his language abilities - to speak in the required language with no foreign accent. Because of this, please complete this section accurately and please, no cheating!
  • All the details : sometimes even the smallest detail in your profile can bring you your dream job. Have you mentioned your height, eye colour, hair colour, which sports you play, which instruments you play and which foreign languages you speak? They could be exactly the details that producers are looking for!

Other details to pay attention to:

  • Wanted Jobs: Choose them correctly in order to receive the best proposals.
  • Experience: If you do have experience, it’s important to mention it! It will considerably increase your chances of being selected for some of the projects where it is required.
  • "Expected/Minimum required Budget": Your minimum budget requested for a shooting day - this will be visible only for the casting directors in charge of the projects or upon request. Just give us an idea about your minimum acceptable budget or your fees, as we don't want to bother you if the budget is under your expectations or don't want to miss the chance to collaborate just because we, the casting directors, don't think you'll accept the budget. Please note that setting a minimum budget will not adversely affect your potential earnings - you may well receive a higher daily rate than stated.

Your image is the most important! How is yours?

In this industry image is everything! Build your image so that it works for you in bringing in new roles.

We strongly recommended to have the following uploaded to your profile:

  • At least 7 recent, clear pictures
    • Close-up: A forward-facing headshot photo in which your face is clearly visible. Don’t forget to add one with a smile! 🙂
    • Full-body: A full-body photo showing you from head to toe, both from the front as well as from the left and right.
    • A photograph of your hands - sometimes these details matter.
    • 2-3 photos exhibiting the facial expressions and gestures you excel at most.
    • A few photos showing any other particularity or detail, such as piercings or tattoos.

Don’t cheat! Do not upload older pictures, they should be not older than 2 months and should reflect your current look!

NO ⛔ Please avoid:

  • No sunglasses, no hats or other accessories. No glamour, Instagram shots or filtered photos. Photoshopped pictures will NOT be accepted. We want to see you! 🙂
  • No clothing with visible logos, complex designs, stripes, dots or strident colours.
  • No pics of panoramic views, no impressive architecture, no Eiffel Tower, no pets!
  • Do NOT upload blurry, foggy, pixelated photos from your holidays with palm trees or your friends!
  • No videos from Tik-Tok, Boomerang or other filtered social media apps - these will NOT be accepted for casting.

Check out our visual examples at the end of this article/here: pozele de aici, idem pe categorii

  • One short (approx. 1 min) “About me” video presentation,where you mention: name, age, height, weight, experience, location of residence. Check out our example here: “About me video - Example”
  • Showreel/Demo reel or Monologue
    • If you’re a professional, it is important to show your artistic skills. A few examples can be found here
    • If you are an amateur, show us your talent, whatever it is! Don’t be shy! Here is an example: Amateur reel - Example

Last, but not least! Don’t forget to constantly check the casting calls page & apply!

An artist's job is to apply to casting calls! Even the most famous actors were turned down at the beginning of their careers! Don’t forget to check out the latest casting calls on a weekly basis and apply to those that suit you here: APPLY TO CASTING CALLS!

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See you at your next casting call! Break a leg! 🍀